Slip and Fall

If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a slip and fall injury, find out your legal rights and obtain assistance from a knowledgeable slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. Slip and fall accidents typically occur when someone slips, trips, or falls as a result of an area which is wet, poorly lit, or uneven.

In a slip and fall case, your attorney will have to prove that your accident was caused by a “dangerous condition” on the property, and that the owner knew about the dangerous condition. A dangerous condition must present an unreasonable risk of harm to those on the property, and must be a condition that a reasonable person would not have anticipated. (The latter requirement implies that people must take note of and avoid obvious hazards.)

To prove that the property owner knew of the dangerous condition, your attorney will have to show the following:

  • The property owner created the dangerous condition
  • The property owner knew of the condition and was negligent in failing to correct it; or
  • The condition existed for a long enough period of time that a reasonable property owner should have discovered and corrected it before your accident

To hold a property owner liable for a slip and fall accident, it must be foreseeable that their negligence would create the hazard at issue. For instance, if a gallon of milk spills in a grocery store, and the store still has not noticed or cleaned up the spill by the next day, it could be argued that it was foreseeable that the grocery store’s negligence in failing to clean up spills would result in a slip and fall accident. 

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