Disputes between landlords and tenants generally occur when the tenant is complaining about a repair that the landlord is failing to remedy. Unfortunately, the defense that the landlord failed to make certain repairs is rarely an effective defense. For that defense to work, certain steps must be taken in advance, namely the tenant must send the landlord a written notice specifying the repairs that landlord needs to make, and the landlord must be given seven (7) to make the requested repairs before the tenant can withhold or threaten to withhold rent.

Finally, in Florida, residential landlords are required to provide properties that are in a working, weatherproof and rodent-free condition. The roof must not leak, hot water must be provided for kitchens and bathrooms and the toilet must be functional. In addition, cooking and heating equipment must be safely installed and in good working order and outside doors must have locks.

Further, Landlords cannot do any of the following:

  • Interrupting utility services,
  • Changing the locks,
  • Removing doors, locks, windows, etc., or
  • Removing tenants property

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