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Our Tampa Foreclosure attorneys represent both lenders, and borrowers in the foreclosure. We at the Lenoir Law Firm, understand all aspects of foreclosures, and can assist those in needs of other foreclosure alternatives, such as short sales or deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

A mortgage foreclosure is a legal process by which, amongst other things, the lender seeks to foreclose the borrower’s interest in the mortgaged property.  The foreclosure process also allows the lender to acquire title to the property by going to Court and requesting that the borrower’s property be sold at auction because the borrower has failed to pay their mortgage.

If you have been served a foreclosure complaint, you have only 20 days to respond.  That is why it is vital that you contact a Tampa foreclosure attorney at our firm immediately.   Our Tampa Bay foreclosure defense lawyer can ensure that your rights and interests are protected regardless of what stage of the pre-foreclosure or foreclosure process you find yourself in.

For effective, professional advice and assistance when your home is threatened by foreclosure, you need an experienced foreclosure lawyer in Tampa, FL who is knowledgeable about the provisions of the law and skilled at devising plans to extricate you from the situation—and who genuinely wants to help. Do not delay—it could cost you your home.

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