Resolving Visitation & Equal Timesharing

During divorce a family is forced to go through with many decisions that can have serious and long term effects on their children. In matters relating to visitation and child custody a family must decide which parent will get to keep custody of the child, and which will only have visitation rights. Without an attorney, you can possibly come to the wrong conclusion, forcing your child to grow up in a household not suitable for him or her. 

Previously, under Florida law it was presumed that equal time-sharing amongst the parents was not in the best interests of the minor child.  However, in the last few years the Florida legislature has abolished that presumption. Now there is no presumption for or against equal time-sharing. Often a parent requests equal time-sharing, not because he or she wants to spend more time with the children, but because they want a reduction in child support.  

If you think equal-time sharing is in the best interest of your children, or not in the best interest of your children, contact our office for assistance. At our office, we can not only help our clients from the beginning to the end of the entire divorce process, but if a wrong decision has been made regarding child custody and it will adversely affect the child or children, we may be able to have the courts step in and have your orders modified.

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