If you are a party to a divorce and your circumstances have changed, you have the right to file a motion and request the court amend your divorce decree and issue a new child custody or visitation order. If you are the custodial parent and your ex-spouse has either failed to pay child support or has paid less than the court-ordered amount, you can ask the court to use other means, including garnishment, and income deduction orders, to enforce the support order. 

A motion for contempt of court can be filed on your behalf to force the payment of child support or alimonyor to force compliance with parenting requirements of a court order. The court can enforce its orders by levying fines, assessing attorneys’ fees to be paid by the offending party and by jail time in the case of serious disregard of court orders.

Failure to pay as required by the court can also lead to seizure of bank accounts, automobiles or other property and the suspension of drivers’ licenses. 

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