Business Formation

Every business starts with a great idea and good intentions, but before that idea can flourish as a successful business; the proper legal foundation needs to be laid down. If you are considering starting a business or simply want to make sure your established business is legally sound, an experienced business lawyer can be your most important asset.

We at the Lenoir Law Firm can help you choose the right legal entity for your situation and answer any questions you have about asset protection, tax liability and the benefits of each type of business.

Having a competent, experienced business lawyer walk you through the process of forming your new business will ensure a strong foundation.  Business entities include:

  • General Partnerships: In a Florida, general partners share personal responsibility and liability for the business.
  • Corporations (including S-Corporations and C-Corporations): A corporation safeguards personal assets.
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC): A Florida LLC combines some of the attributes of a corporation and a partnership.
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP): A Florida LLP is a limited liability entity with at least two partners

Each of these entities has its own benefits, limitations and protections, which will directly impact your Florida business.  Certain requirements must be met to keep some of those protections in place.  Our Tampa business attorneys can help you form your entity correctly and ensure that you meet the requirements to maintain its protections.

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