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Treat Getting Divorced Like Getting Married.
People get married believing that the union they have created with their partner will last a lifetime. However, not all marriages will survive. Unforeseen things happen and people do change; if a couple can overcome obstacles which challenge the stability of their union then marital problems only serve to strengthen the relationship. Unfortunately, there are marital issues where the only resolution is to file for divorce. But just like marriage, deciding to apply for divorce should not be made immediately; it is then important to seek proper divorce advice.

Divorce in the United States

The estimated projection made by the Americans for Divorce Reform reveal that at least 40% of new marriages will end in divorce. Although there are many surveys that may give a different value, it is a common notion for most Americans that the probability of divorce for married couples is quite apparent. Nonetheless, statistics should be treated as quantitative data that is open to several interpretations since people who have been divorced often remarry and would have lasting relationship with his or her new partner.
For couples who are deep in marital conflict and are considering divorce, there are several legal matters they should be familiar with first. Therefore, any good divorce advice should start with legalities.
Although recently there has been an increase in the federal legislation concerning the obligations and rights of divorced individuals, divorce is still governed by the state. This means that there are variations in laws pertaining to divorce from one state to another. Currently, county family courts can opt not to have evidentiary proceedings as requested by the couple. This results to court sessions focused only on the resolution on the division of conjugal properties, child custody, and spousal support.

Divorce Like Getting Married

For couples who are truly unhappy with their marriage, the best divorce advice anyone can give is to divorce like getting married. This means that the individual should think hard about it. Aside from the legal issues, the more (or the most) important issue is how divorce will affect the people close to the couple, most especially the children of the couple. With this, it will help for the person to seek divorce advice from people he or she truly trusts.
Hence, for legal divorce advice the lawyer is the best choice; but for personal issues, close friends or relatives who can objectively assess the situation are good sources. Counselors and therapists who specialize on divorce advice are quite helpful as well, as they can serve as neutral mediators, and it is possible for children, friends and relatives of the divorced spouses to be included in these sessions.
If you are considering divorce, it is imperative to get the right legal counsel from the start. For a free consultation, please call the Law Offices of Ivan T. Lenoir II, PA anytime 24/7 at 813-251-8320 or visit www.lenoirlawfirm.com.

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